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Baozi and Hana kiss compilation

We are really happy to have jobs we are passionate about," said Hana. Baozi joked that his nickname, which means bun in Mandarin, came about "because I was a bit chubby when I started cosplaying, and my face looked like a bun".

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So the two of us together can complete any kind of cosplay," said Baozi. Though they did not wish to reveal which schools they attended, Baozi holds a Master in Business Administration, while Hana studied fashion design. The pair returned to China before Hana's graduation to start their company after receiving support from a China investor. They may be stars in the cosplay world, but the duo confessed they are sometimes overwhelmed by their support from fans here. He said their fan base is mostly female, but they are sometimes "pleasantly surprised" to see male fans. As public figures, they are used to brickbats online but have adopted a mature attitude towards haters.

But there is no point wasting time and energy on people who don't like you, while ignoring the friends who have always supported you.

The not-so-secret life of Singapore’s crossplayers

Skip to main content. I just do it. Photographs of Date in his crossplay best are fodder for banter at his family's Chinese New Year gatherings. The year-old hates the festive celebrations and would volunteer for holiday shifts at work but in his absence, his mother would delightfully whip out her smartphone and proudly show everyone his latest Facebook photos.

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Date, who made clear he is not gay or confused about his gender identity, says his first attempt at crossplaying was in and it was such a bad experience that he almost quit the hobby. Oh look, ah-kua Hokkien expression for transvestite. Oh look, a ladyboy. But he was determined not to let critics and bullies ruin his love for what he considers an art form.

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This time, he sought help from more experienced crossplayers like Lee Hongzhu who taught him better makeup techniques. Hongzhu lives on the fourth floor of an old walk-up apartment with his parents and younger brother.

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The year-old administrative executive is home alone. It is the weekend of the Anime Festival Asia and Hongzhu is excited. He has been preparing for the annual event for months, having attended every single edition since he began cosplaying six years ago. His room is big but cluttered.

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Piles of clothes and costumes can be seen everywhere - on the rack, across the floor, on his bed. There is hardly any walking space. And on his desk, amongst the mess, sits a Brother sewing machine next to his fancy gaming computers. He takes a glance at the machine, now coated with a thin layer of dust. Like Date, the former digital arts student makes no attempt to hide his hobby from the family.

Baozi and hana dating.

Sometimes, he puts on his costume and makeup at home before attending an event. If the subject of cosplaying comes up in family conversations, Hongzhu keeps it casual. But his mother, who is in her mid-fifties, likes to tease him about it. Three years ago, when she was doing housework, he walked up to her and made the unusual request of borrowing her bra.