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Views Read View source View history. This page was last modified on 27 June , at Unlocked Cosmetic Crate Scout. Unlocked Cosmetic Crate Soldier.

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Unlocked Cosmetic Crate Pyro. Unlocked Cosmetic Crate Demo. Unlocked Cosmetic Crate Heavy.

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Unlocked Cosmetic Crate Engineer. Unlocked Cosmetic Crate Medic.

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Unlocked Cosmetic Crate Sniper. Unlocked Cosmetic Crate Spy. Unlocked Cosmetic Crate Multi-Class. All boots now require a shield to activate any move speed bonus listed on the item. Level 1 Teleporters now cost 50 metal.

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All Mediguns allow the Medic to match the speed of their heal target. Previously only available on the Quick-Fix.

Removed Builds Hype as you run. Marked-for-Death debuff for 2 seconds after the buff effect expires. Fixed a bug causing players to be hit by the same projectile multiple times, causing the damage dealt to vary wildly. Per-shot damage has been increased to compensate, resulting in slightly more damage on average. Reduced duration of speed bonus on teammates to 2 seconds from 3. Decreased the fuse time to 1. If new weapons are released in midst of a competition season, they will typically become restricted from play unless given approval by the league's administrators and team leaders.

No items are restricted in Valve Competitive Matchmaking. Weapon bans during a match are usually enforced by the use of an item whitelist although some leagues use an honor system instead of a whitelist. In order to restrict a weapon from being played, simply set the value to "0" next to the weapon's name.

Competitive item restrictions

One also has the ability to enable or disable all unlisted items on a whitelist by using the following paramater:. Using this command, one can easily build a whitelist adding only items they want allowed or banned, depending on the above parameter's value.

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  • Here is a sample whitelist with all current definable items: This list is currently not being regularly maintained. For more up-to-date information, please check the referenced links. Retrieved from " https: Pages using duplicate arguments in template calls.